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Keep tabs on prospects and customers. Stay organized with this easy to use CRM system. Use Vivo, when a spreadsheet is no longer enough.

Marketing Automation

Use list segmentation and automated email campaigns to make your email campaigns more effective.


Visually Analyze your Data. Customize your company's dashboard with an easy to use drag and drop interface. View your data with Vivo's dynamic reporting engine.

A/B Testing

Discover the most effective ways to increase email click-through rates with simple to use A/B testing.

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Governed by industry standard security guidelines, and backed by AWS' secure computing environment to ensure that your data is safe.

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Use Vivo from any device, whether it is a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Access your contacts' information effortlessly, whether you're in the office, or traveling.

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or while traveling


Vivo initio is an amazing tool - it does what traditional CRMs do without the crazy overhead of setup and maintenance. Automated A/B testing, view and click tracking, product registration - it's all here in a streamlined workflow.

I can't overstate enough how nice it is to use a CRM system, that doesn't have an overengineered UI that gets in your way. Vivo Initio is simple, clean, and fast.


The Vivo Initio CRM platform is a perfect fit for our needs as it is flexible, intuitive to navigate, easily configurable and ready to use on any device including mobile. In addition, the solution was designed and coded right here in Austin, TX and therefore, we are proud to support one of our local leading companies.

We have been impressed by the team's ability to rapidly make customizations as well and to provide excellent customer support.


"What I appreciate most about using Vivo Initio is that their support is very responsive. I get replies to my emails within 24 hours and support helps me with my question, or customizes something that I need.

I know I'm not hung out to dry with a system that I don't know how to use to it's fullest potential.

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Marketing Automation
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List Segmentation
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