What does Vivo Initio mean?

It's Latin for "as the beginning".

Who is Vivo geared towards?

Vivo was designed with small and medium sized businesses in mind as an essential tool that helps you manage your customers, sales, and marketing. It's ideal for non-profits, too.

What email systems can I use?

Using SMTP, Vivo integrates with almost all email servers: Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange server, MailChimp, GoDaddy, SendGrid, etc.

Can I print invoices and labels?

Vivo easily integrates with Microsoft's Mail Merge and Pages & Numbers on Macs to print invoices, labels, and envelopes.

How do I sync it with my existing calendars?

Using the iCal format, Vivo integrates with most all common calendars such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc.

Can I customize Vivo?

Of course - it's our best feature and there are many ways to do it, from adding new database fields, configuring the dashboard with your key performance indicators, configuring (hierarchical) commission structure, all the way through to controlling user access to specific features.

Can I use the CRM system on a smartphone or tablet?

Absolutely. Vivo Initio CRM was designed to be mobile friendly. While traveling, Vivo CRM is easy to use from any smartphone, such as your iPhone, Samsung, or Blackberry.

What is the contract period?

No contracts required; our subscriptions are month-to-month and you can cancel anytime.

Can I integrate newsletter signups on my website with Vivo CRM?

Yes, It is easy to connect signups to Vivo CRM.

Can you integrate with custom APIs?

Custom API integration is possible, too. Send us a message through the contact page, and let us see what we can do for you.

How do I install Vivo?

As Vivo is securely cloud-based, there's nothing to install. There are no technical requirements, nothing to download and nothing to back-up or maintain. Moreover, Vivo is available 24/7 from wherever you are - all you need is the internet browser you're now using.

How safe is my data?

Vivo Initio CRM uses state of the art Amazon cloud computing infrastructure (AWS). AWS' cloud infrastructure has been architected to be the most flexible, automated, and secure computing environment available today. It is being used by government agencies and large companies, such as the Department of Defense, the NASDAQ OMX stock exchange, and Capital One bank.

Without sounding trite, it's safer in the cloud than on your laptop or desktop, not running the risk of having your laptop stolen, or being infected with a virus.

All webpages are secured by a 256 bit SSL certificate, and the the leading network security company Qualys® gives the vivoinitio.com website an A+ grade.

Is there a data limit?

No, your subscription grows as your company grows.

Can anyone in my company use Vivo?

Everyone in your company can and should be using Vivo, but it might be wise to also assign one employee as your CRM guru.