CRM spotlight




Vivo's founder was born in the Netherlands. Coding since he was 12 (1982), Hans was also the youngest person to become a nationally certified Master Beekeeper. He received his Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, with a specialty in VLSI design, from the University of Twente in the Netherlands. As he was finishing his post-degree work study on a safety analysis for an oil platform safeguarding system, he met Carrie, via the internet.

After a trans-Atlantic courtship between Holland and Houston, they eloped less than a year later. In Houston, Hans started working in plant automation for the petrol-chemical industry. It was Carrie's acceptance at the University of Texas that brought them to Austin. The plan was, after Carrie learned to speak Dutch at U.T., they'd move together back to the Netherlands. But in the interim, Hans bought an old pick-up truck and started wearing cowboy boots. He became smitten with barbeque and the Texas Hill Country. They've been in Austin ever since.



Hans has worked for the same Austin company since 1998, quickly rising to CTO developing stock trading software. His expertise in writing quality code and managing developers has served him well. Although he is an all-rounder and a major player in many areas of the company, his forte is developing high quality 24/7 (brokerage related) servers and analysis tools to help in solving complex problems.

In 2012, his office invested in a commercial marketing automation system. But Hans found, for being so expensive, it was mediocre at best. He decided to build his own, one which his workplace still uses. Upon seeing this marketing automation system, fellow techies would exclaim "You should sell that!" And so he is. In his free time, Hans rewrote the system to be used for commercial purposes. Driven as he is by nature, he expanded on it adding innovative features along the way.