CRM, Marketing Automation & Reporting

All integrated into one, easy to use product.

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CRM not only stands for Customer Relationship Management, it illustrates the order of significance; customers and your relationship with them drive your success.

Vivo's CRM consolidates client information and interactions so you can effortlessly:

  • Access your contacts' information from desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Use one click to call or email your customer.
  • Record all interactions with your contacts. You no longer need to guess what happened in the past.
  • Set reminders to follow up. Whether it is for tomorrow or 3 months from now, you can be confident in your ability to contact your client and to do your tasks on time.
  • Integrate reminders with your existing calendar, such as Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, Google, or Calendar Apps.
  • View key performance metrics on your company's dashboard.
  • Track invoices or donations.
  • Identify sales trends.
  • View consolidated sales funnel metrics, to find and remedy bottlenecks, and predict future revenue.
  • Create commission reports. Commissions can be calculated based on the product, employee title, as well as override commissions.

Moreover, Vivo is customizable every step of the way, making it simple to define the data that your company utilizes.

Marketing Automation

Vivo's Marketing Automation is based on two tried-and-true marketing best practices: List Segmentation and Automated Email Campaigns.

List Segmentation

List Segmentation is all about organizing your contacts. By narrowing your focus with tailored content and sending those messages to targeted groups within your lists, your recipients find your campaigns more relevant and relevant campaigns get better results. In email marketing, segmentation is a must-have. Marketers, who do it well, reap higher open and click-through rates, lower spam rates, superior deliverability, and therefore generate more revenue than non-segmenting competitors.

List segmentation can be done manually or automatically. Manually, you could add certain contacts to specific lists based on your criteria. For example, you could have one list of your customers, and another list of your suppliers.

Automatic segmentation is based on rules, which define which contacts are in these dynamic lists. For example, you could create a dynamic list of customers who bought a specific product, and one of leads who did not buy yet. Whenever a lead buys this product, that contact is automatically removed from the lead list, and automatically added to the customer list.

Dynamic list rules can be simple or complex, allowing you to organize your contacts in any way you want, and keeping the segments automatically up to date.

Automated Email Campaigns

Automated emails are the complement to list segmentation. Automate the sending of emails at specific intervals based on the interests of your contacts, or transactional emails based on recent actions of your contacts.

For example, an automated email campaign sends a welcome email, after someone signups for your newsletter. A day later it sends an email, introducing your company and your products. The next day it sends out an offer with a deadline. Three days later: an email with testimonials, and finally a deadline reminder. Such a sequence of emails is very effective, because the contact showed interest in your company, and that contact is very likely to read any emails you sent.

These drip or nudge campaigns are effective in building relationships with your contacts: offering tailored information fed slowly over long periods of time. Think of the drip irrigation technique in growing crops. Automated email campaigns continuously increase customer retention and sales, without any effort on your part!



Bring science to your sales with Vivo's extensive reporting features. This integrated, core function gives you the ability to analyze data across the platform, gaining meaningful insights. Use the fully customizable dashboard to make key performance metrics available within your organization. Vivo's availability of more than fifteen different graphing tools lets you control which data to view and share.

In addition to the dashboard, there is a full set of reporting tools available to view and aggregate your data. Use these tools to view reports such as: sales, donations, commissions, email open and click through rates, or webpage-statistics. If the data is in the system, we can display it! Each report can be customized for your needs.

Vivo also offers integrated web analytics. With this web reporting feature, you can track aggregate web page views and statistics.

Successfully implementing a CRM has little to do with the technology;
what ultimately makes it work is getting people to use it.
Vivo makes that easy.